Social Media Marketing in Cork

12 Fri 2021
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Nowadays social media marketing has become essential for every growing company because we can no longer imagine our daily lives without social networks. More and more people are spending more time each day on social networks, for example by communicating briefly with friends and family on Facebook or by quickly uploading a photo on Instagram.

In times of new media, it is also important for companies to adapt to changes and developments in the field of social media marketing in Cork.

Social media marketing is therefore a good way, for example, to reach new target groups cost-effectively, to increase reach, to build customer loyalty and to communicate directly and personally with the target group.

Social Media marketing in cork

But what does Social Media Marketing really mean?

Social media marketing is a way for companies to get in touch with their current and potential customers using the most popular social networks. Social media gives the company the opportunity to publish content and, in this way, convey its message and achieve the goals in the company's marketing strategy.

In general, social media marketing is suitable for any company, regardless of its size. Especially for small businesses with a low digital marketing budget, social media is a suitable way to target and reach new potential customers at a relatively low cost.

If you want to enter the field of social media in Cork with your company, we at FIOS Marketing can help you. Even if you already have experience in this field and your company already has a social media in Cork and you want to expand or adapt it, let's talk!

Where to start your social media marketing in Cork?

First of all, it is important to define the marketing goals you want to achieve with the use of social media. To determine your goals, you can think about the following questions:

  • What is to be achieved with the help of social media marketing?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • Which social media platform does the target audience use and in what form?
  • What message should be conveyed about the company through social media marketing?

To achieve the best possible result for your business, it is important to choose the right strategy.

Who is the Community Manager?

The Community Manager acts as the link between the website administrator and the users. The task is to actively communicate with the users and make sure they get along with each other in an orderly way. The main focus is usually the blog and social media. The Community Manager responds to user comments and posts, deals with comments and mediates in discussions.

The work fields are very diverse. The most important tasks are:

Building an active community: it is not only about reacting to what already exists, but also about recruiting new members so that the active community grows.

Encourage engagement: The aim is to have as much exchange as possible within the community. This can be achieved if the Community Manager acts as a motivating and engaging moderator and actively promotes dialogue.

Monitoring: Always keep a watchful eye on your online community. Thanks to constant monitoring, you can recognise critical issues in time and react to them. 

Interface: The Community Manager communicates with the outside world and represents the opinion of the company.


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