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Project's mission

Cohubitat was born in 2020 to respond to the change in demand for rural living and working, giving rural areas the opportunity to be repopulated, promoting the development of new communities and generating alternative business opportunities.

We led an innovative project that promotes intrinsic values and a sense of community. Cohubitat was just launching as we began this project to design and develop its website.

We wanted to do something special for this project, so we looked for new techniques and trends for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Our goal was to create an innovative platform, using the latest web technologies and design trends. Through an extensive research process, we designed a unique interface where information is presented clearly and concisely.

From a design perspective, minimalism is key to this project, so we kept the colour palette as clear as possible, combining natural elements and shapes with original photographs of rural experiences as the main inspirational element. The website has been translated into three languages ​​(English, Italian and Spanish) responding to the needs of the business strategy and reaching its target audience.