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English Path Language Schools

Project's mission

The English Path is a new branded language school stablished in April 2021 in the UK – part of Global Banking Education Group. English Path has 6 schools between the UK and United Arabs Emirates and in well known-locations such as Canary Wharf, Manchester, Leeds and Dubai to name a few. Their mission is to change lives through education that makes a fundamental difference to living standards and access to learning.


When starting the project, English Path weren’t yet set on a particular logo, so we worked together on a branding journey, creating a range of bespoke options to choose from to help them find exactly what best suited them. Our work included their logo design, fonts and colour pallet. It was a key decision to make in a short period of time– just 3 weeks! As their logo would be used beyond the new website – on team uniforms and all new branded advertising materials, online and offline.

Web Design & Development 

One of the biggest challenges in this project was delivering a bespoke e-commerce website in 3 weeks’ time. From prototypes, developing the site and testing. Our 8+ years’ experience in the Education Abroad Industry helped us to bring this project to life in record time, while continuously collaborating with the EP leadership team.

A key element for the EP team was for their website to be something they would easily be able to manage and modify themselves due to changes in course descriptions or main features. We made sure that while working with WordPress CMS we could create “Customised Fields” so the EP team will be able to work on the site and keep it updated – great for Google too!

  • Prototype and web design
  • CRM integration
  • Contact form
  • Lead-generator sticky bar
  • Price calculator
  • Training

Client Testimonial 

FIOS Marketing have been a fantastic addition to our English Language school team.

They have many years of experience in the industry and were able to make some great suggestions on how we could improve our services.

Fios have been and continue to be fantastic to work with, providing quick solutions to any bumps in the road. I am very grateful to Marta and her team for helping to drive our business forward.

Our website was designed and built by them in record time and was very good value. I am delighted to recommend them.

Mike Summerfield, English Path, Head of Operations (ELT)