All prices provided by the company are without VAT unless otherwise specified.

The price of the services provided by the company is defined in the budget that the client receives by email or WhatsApp. The quotes issued by the company are valid for a period of 30 days unless it indicates otherwise. After that period, the company reserves the right to alter the budget for the same services.

The company reserves the right to alter the budget if the client proposes any type of change or for reasons it deems appropriate, and in any case, a budget has no contractual value until the company and the client formalize the start of the project for means of payment of the first invoice.

1. Payment facilities

1. 1. Website and online store
- Initial payment of 50% and the remaining 50% at the end of the project.
- Interest-free financing for 2, 3 and 4 months.

1.2. Maintenance of web pages and online store
Quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription payment to simplify your transactions and make the maintenance of your digital platforms easier.
Campañas de publicidad (SEM)

1.3. Advertising campaigns (SEM)
In the case of periodic services, such as SEM advertising campaigns on Google or social networks, the company will charge the first month in advance and then at the end of each month, unless the company and the client agree otherwise.

1.4. Other digital marketing, branding and training services
The payment conditions will be detailed in the contract with the client, and these may be per project or monthly.

Payment methods

We put at your disposal different payment methods both online and in person, in our office. Choose the payment method that best suits your needs!
- Bank Transfer
- Credit/Debit Card (Stripe)

- Bizum
- Credit/Debit Card in the office

- Cash in the office

2. Hosting and domain

In case of contracting the hosting and / or domain with FIOS marketing. Once the granted year is over, the contracted services must be renewed annually by applying the characteristics and rates in force to the corresponding plan, as well as the rights of the corresponding domain name. If the client has hosting and / or domain and wishes to transfer with FIOS marketing, they must provide all the corresponding data from their current provider to carry out the process of transferring the domain to the FIOS marketing / Flying Web Solutions servers. In case the client wishes to keep his current hosting provider and / or domain, he must provide the necessary access data. FIOS marketing is not responsible for security, failures, speed, misconfiguration or malfunction of the site caused by an external server as these services must be provided by your current hosting provider. FIOS marketing is not responsible for loss of information such as: website, email accounts, domain name, etc. If the client did not make the renewal payment for their services, hosting and / or domain, on the stipulated date.

3. Privacy Policy

The data of the clients and interested parties, collected through the contact form, WhatsApp, advertising campaigns or telephone interview are confidential and the exclusive property of the company, and will only be shared with our partners for the performance of the contracted project. They will not be used for any commercial purpose that has nothing to do with informing the client about the services and / or promotions of FIOS marketing.